Simply Acting: A Handbook for Beginning Actors - KATHLEEN NORMINGTON - 9780757586835 - 075758683X

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9780757586835 - 075758683X - KATHLEEN NORMINGTON - Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co. - 13 Edition

8-Coin Collection Triumph & Tragedy WWII Pacific Theater

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This remarkable collection of eight coins highlights some of the signature moments in the Pacific Theater during the second World War.

Cast Out: Queer Lives in Theater - Robin Bernstein - 9780472069330 - 0472069330

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9780472069330 - 0472069330 - Robin Bernstein - University of Chicago Press - 06 Edition

God's Singers, Director's Edition

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What if a choir can actually be RELEVANT in today's church? What if a young choir CAN effectively sing with a rock band? What if the choir can make a positive difference in a congregation's worship? What if we're doing exactly the WRONG thing by dismantling choirs everywhere? What if there's a better way to DO the choir than the way we've been doing it for 60 years?These questions and the fifteen-year quest to discover their answers are the driving force behind the publishing of this vibrant new book. The book seeks to answer the questions above and many more, through significant biblical research and the crucible of hands-on application in thousands of settings, both contemporary and classic. This book, born out of a lifetime of worship ministry and the challenge of rediscovering the choir's relevance in several contemporary congregations, is a new offering from Dave Williamson. In it you will discover the what, why and how of building a Worship Leading Choir - one that can make a palpable difference in the worship life of just about any congregation. From the ground up, if necessary.

Theater Games for the Lone Actor by Viola Spolin

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Free Delivery Worldwide : Theater Games for the Lone Actor : Paperback : Northwestern University Press : 9780810140103 : 0810140101 : 09 Dec 2001 : This handbook presents theatre games and side coaching for the solo player. It contains over 40 exercises which allow actors to side coach themselves, at home, in rehearsal, or in performance.

Theater As Life: Practical Wisdom Drawn from Great Acting Teachers, Actors and Actresses - Paul Marcus - 9780874620696 - 0874620694

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9780874620696 - 0874620694 - Paul Marcus - Marquette University Press - 11 Edition

Savvy Actor Career Manual: Turn Your Craft Into Your Business - Jodie Bentley - 9780615625263 - 0615625266

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9780615625263 - 0615625266 - Jodie Bentley - Savvy Actor - 12 Edition