Who - Video Music Box Documentary DVD

Price: $10.99 by: Family Video
Rock legends the Who are profiled on this entry into the Video Music Box series. The footage is culled from a number of sources with most of it rarely seen before making for some satisfying viewing for devoted fans.

Video Games Live: Level 2 (dvd, 2010) -

Price: $11.99 by: eBay
This release captures a live performance of the infamous Video Games Live concert series, featuring popular video game themes, specially arranged for and performed by full orchestras, complete with special effects, lighting, video effects, and more. Some of the games with music featured in the show include Mario, Zelda, Starcraft, Warcraft, Halo, and more.

Vladimir Horowitz: The Video Collection

Price: $69.95 by: Daedalus Books

CD - DVD Diagnostic Video 3.1, Download Version

Price: $69.99 by: Office Depot
Recovers Video from DVD Video Recorder Discs. If you have a disc recorded on a standalone DVD Video recorder that was not finalized properly, the video is still there and playable. CD/DVD Diagnostic can recover this and turn it into a file which can be saved. The files recovered by CD/DVD Diagnostic are 100% playable on any computer. Version 3.0 has a new video reconstruction system which virtually assures complete recovery of all damaged or inaccessible video discs. Contact us for more information about putting this back on a DVD to play on a DVD player.Features:Recovers Video from DVD Video Recorder Discs - Standalone video recorders will often not finalize a disc. CD/DVD Diagnostic will re-author a playable disc from the video found on the disc.Recovers Video from DVD Camcorder discs - Sony and Hitachi (and other) camcorders will sometimes not finalize a disc properly so it can be played. CD/DVD Diagnostic will re-author a playable disc from the video recovered from these discs.Graphic Readability Test display showing quality of the disc - This test is performed with special provisions to catch soft (recoverable) errors that other testing tools ignore. While an error may be recoverable on your CD or DVD drive, it may not be recoverable on other devices and then becomes a hard error. This is the difference between a disc that works and one that does not.Sector examination at a low level.Displays sectors in hexadecimal and character. This is similar to Norton Disk Doctor, providing the same capabilties for CD and DVD media.Disc Memory and Checkpoint - This feature eliminates lengthy re-discovery of the disc's contents.Allows for interruption of a disc examination and then resumption at a later time. This is useful as some disc examinations can be lengthy, often taking more than 12 hours.Intensive UDF File Examination Locates files that have been dropped from the directory structure. CD - DVD Diagnostic Video 3.1, Download Version is one of many

Daniel Greene Painting Videos (DVD / VHS)

Price: $57.99 by: Madison Art Shop
Daniel Greene's Art Lesson Videos An exceptional series of art instruction DVDs! Daniel E. Greene is without a doubt one of the generation's most important master artists. The Encyclopedia Britannica lists him as the foremost pastelist in the United States. Mr. Greene's renown and numerous awards include his work in Oils and drawing too. His works are prominently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; the Smithsonian, the House of Representatives and other world-famous museums and galleries. Portraiture, in particular, is a forte of Daniel Greene. He has been commissioned by many celebrities and statesman, including First lady Eleanor Roosevelt. In this series of Art Lesson Videos, Daniel Greene shows his teaching abilities to be no less than his legendary artistic abilities. His smooth confident style makes these a delight to watch. The superb videoing and production of Daniel Greene's Art Lesson Videos make these DVDs akin to attending a live art seminar! It is incredible what you will learn. Everyone will walk away with so much. His portraiture videos, working from live models, such as the beautiful Erin, will teach you the secrets of this most intricate art form. Starting with incredibly clearly showing you how to preparing your palette, the lesson continues. You will not be able to stop, and you will view it over again. Each video has something new to learn and review, some in oil (Erin and Benard) and some in Pastel (Jim and Erika). Daniels portrait drawing video is treatise in video form for artist on drawing. His color method video will teach you this most basic base of art. Mr. Greene has a huge following. Find out why! These specialty painting-instruction videos DVD version are on-sale now! VHS version on Extra-Special sale: Reduced by $10.00. Buy Now! Instructional painting videos - Painting portraits in oil and pastel, as well as a video on color theory and one on portrait drawing These DVDs were Best-Sellers at the Portrait Society Show in Washington and received very high marks from the artists at the show! DANIEL GREENE VIDEO PASTEL: JIM - Approx. 160 min. DVD or VHS DANIEL GREENE VIDEO OIL PAINTING DVD or VHS: ERIN - Approx. 160 min. DVD or VHS DANIEL GREENE VIDEO PASTEL: ERIKA - Approx. 90 min. DVD or VHS DANIEL GREENE VIDEO OIL PAINTING: BERNARD - Approx. 90 min. DVD or VHS COLOR: THE DANIEL GREENE METHOD VIDEO - Approx. 75 min. DVD or VHS PORTRAIT DRAWING BY DANIEL GREENE - Approx. 100 min. DVD only These DVDs, available through Madison Art Shop, offer the opportunity of viewing and reviewing these remarkable learning tools. You will come away with a deeper understanding of how to paint better portraits.

Fretlight Ready Video: Blues Classics (Fretlight Ready Video Blues)

Price: $18.99 by: Sweetwater
Software & Plug-ins - NOTE: This product requires a Fretlight guitar.Learn to play Blues Classics with this Fretlight Ready video. As you watch the video in the Fretlight Studio software your Fretlight guitar lights up what the instructor (a professional guitar teacher) is playing, helping you to learn guitar faster, with better retention. Each song begins with a lesson given by a professional guitar teacher. The teacher then performs the entire song, accompanied by a backing track. You get three viewing options: fret hand with tab, wide view with tab, or pick and fret hands close-up. With its methodical breakdown of styles and techniques, Fretlight lets you advance your guitar skills quickly - and have fun in the process!Fretlight Ready Video: Blues Classics Guitar Play-Along, Volume 23 Features at a Glance:Includes the following songs:Boom BoomCold ShotDust My BroomFrostyFurther on up the RoadPaying the Cost to Be the BOSSThe Sky Is CryingSteppin' OutMac/PC compatible (minimum system requirements: Mac: OS X; PC: Windows XP)Learn to play guitar the modern way with Fretlight Ready Videos! Instructional Software

Twinkle Toes: Music Video Collection DVD

Price: $9.99 by: Family Video
A collection of thirteen uplifting music videos featuring Laura Baruch the voice of Gracie star of Twinkle Toes.