At Peace Video Frozen Shoulder Dvd

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Frozen Shoulder DVD This Frozen Shoulder Syndrome seminar was written, instructed and directed by Elaine Calenda, AOS, NCTMB. The massage techniques demonstrated on this DVD can be applied to clients with active lifestyles who suffer shoulder problems, stiffness and restricted range of motion related to everyday repetitive motions. This DVD is recommended for practicing massage professionals, chiropractors and physical therapists who have completed at least 500 hours of accredited education that includes massage, physiology, pathology and anatomy. Being diagnosed with frozen shoulder can have a devastating effect on one's life. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome or Adhesive Capsulitis, is still a mysterious orthopedic condition in as far as causative factors and prognosis. This condition is painful and difficult to heal, however, massage can be a major part of the solution. This video seminar gives you the tools to assess and treat this condition. 65 Minutes WHAT YOU'LL LEARN How to assess and treat this condition including: 1. Interviewing your client for the facts about the condition. 2. Recording information that you have collected. 3. Developing a treatment plan with an expected outcome. 4. Evaluating progress with your client. Visually learning a variety of valuable techniques including: 5. Shoulder Mobilization 6. Traction for the shoulder joint 7. Fascial release for the shoulder girdle 8. Breaking down holding patterns CE CREDITS Looking for a professionally filmed seminar that makes it easy to learn and earn continuing education units? This instructional program is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for 4 contact hours (.4 credits) of approved Continuing Education Credits. Here's how it works. When you purchase this DVD, you'll find a sticker with a unique serial number inside the DVD case. You will use this to apply for your NCBTMB credits. Simply download and print your PDF testing forms by clicking on the website address provided inside the DVD box. Complete your test and follow the instructions. If you successfully pass the test, we'll mail you a frameable certificate of completion

Sierra Video Introduction to Handgun Reloading DVD

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The Sierra Video Introduction to Handgun Reloading is hosted by Doug Koening. This video helps to guide the handloader from basic to advanced handgun ammunition reloading. Featuring hands on examples and high tech computer graphics, this tape provides an in-depth look at how to reload. Includes information on safety, reloading philosophy, components, equipment and testing. Technical Information Host: Doug Koening Running Time: 120 Minutes Release Date: N/A

BRADY 132426 Training Video, DVD

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Training Video, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Material DVD

Quickness Pkg - Jumpsoles + Proprio + Adv Proprio video + Allsport ...

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Basketball package: Quickness package - Jumpsoles + Proprioceptor + Advanced Proprioceptor video + Allsport cones + Reactionball + Lateral resistor Jumpsoles Sizing Options Available: Small: Mens 5-7 (Womens 6-8) Medium: Mens 8-10 (Womens 9-12) Large: Mens 11-14 XLarge: Mens 15-20 NOTE: If you are between Jumpsoles sizes, always go UP in size, not down. (ie; You wear a 10.5 shoe? You should order Large Jumpsoles, not Medium.) Jumpsoles Frequently Asked Questions More Info About Quickness Pkg - Jumpsoles + Proprio + Adv Proprio video + Allsport cones + Rxn Ball + Lateral Resist

Cold Steel Ron Balicki Video VDFB

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In this DVD series you will learn the traditional Filipino boxing method using empty hands instead of gloves. Developed during the heyday of bare-knuckle boxing, it has surprised and confounded the traditional western style boxer for more than a century. This is because it is not just a fist-oriented art, it teaches you how to use your whole body to subdue or drive off an attacker. These instructional DVD's will take you where no other video boxing training has attempted to go before. Whether you're a novice or experienced fighter, this video series has something of great value for you. Basic On Guard Stances. 30 Different Punching Methods, Including Ron's Famous Long Range Uppercut. Basic to Advanced Defense with Special Emphasis on Attacking and Destroying Incoming Punches and Kicks Using your Fists, Elbows, Knees and Feet. (Worth the price of the series for this instruction alone!). Filipino Trapping Hand Drills - Single Hand & Double Hand. Filipino Wrestling/Submission Grappling - Joint/Lock Combinations.

Roland DR-880 DVD Video Manual (DR880 DVD Owner's Manual)

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Instructional Videos & DVDs - With this DVD manual, you can learn all there is to know about using the DR-880.

Americas Railroads Video (VHS)

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If you like trains, you will love this diverse and fascinating collection of films. These fact-filled documentaries span the history and development of the railroad industry, from the building of the first transcontinental line to the height of steam engine operations during World War II, to the eventual triumph of diesel over steam. Relive the thrill of riding the rails across an ever-changing American landscape and experience the challenges, the romance and the day-to-day operations of America's greatest railroads. Take a nostalgic look back at a classic way of life as we introduce you to the people and machines that built the great American Railroad. Introductions by noted railroad historians. Total RunTime: 5.5 hours.