Fighter's Video Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training DVD by Wim Demeere

Price: $59.95 by: Budovideos.com
Wim Demeere shows you how to make a heavy bag come alive so that you can master the critical skills needed to survive a fight. Learn: -The five types of impacts and how to make the best use of them -Proven, innovative drills to maximize your fitness level and fighting ability -Creative ways to grapple a heavy bag, including chokes, takedowns and armbars -The 10 most common mistakes people make in heavy bag training -- and how to avoid them -Solid information on how to choose the right bag for your needs, how best to hang it and how to care for it so it lasts for years Whatever your fighting art or goal, this dynamic DVD will take your fighting and martial arts skills to a whole new level.

Comp Cams 191-1 Instructional Material Video

Price: $25.06 by: Autoplicity
Comp Cams 191-1 Instructional Material Video Head Modifications350 PhotosBlueprint DrawingsCharts To Show You How

Pad Man: A Video Guide to Full Contact Partner Training 4 DVD set with Wim Demeere

Price: $49.95 by: Budovideos.com
There's an old saying in the brutal, lightning-fast world of Thai boxing: A good pad man is worth a million dollars. In Pad Man: A Video Guide to Full-Contact Partner Training,master martial artist Wim Demeere teaches you how to join that million-dollar league, no matter what combat art you practice. In this comprehensive four-disc DVD set, Demeere uses focus mitts, Thai pads, and kicking shields of all sizes to show you how to train your partner for anything from a high-powered MMA match to a street fight. Using the tricks of the trade that he learned the hard way, he'll teach you the body mechanics that will let you avoid injury and prepare your partner to strike and kick his hardest against a reactive and rock-solid target. If you can't stand up to your partner's toughest moves, you're only giving him half a workout. Demeere will train you to handle high-line and low-line punches and kicks, ground fighting techniques,shoulder slams, stomps and rising strikesbasically every move that your partner needs to burn into his muscle memory to compete at the highest level. There's more to being a good training partner than just standing there and taking a hit that's what dummies are for. Wise up and learn things about pad training that you don't even realize you need.

Champions Soccer DVD Series Soccer Training Videos DISC 2 CHAMPION's SOCCER SERIES DISC 2 - 52 MINUTES

Price: $12.19 by: Epic Sports
Champions Soccer DVD Series Soccer Training Videos. Learn from Tony DiCicco, Head Coach of the '96 Olympic and '99 World Cup Champion USA Women's National Soccer Team. See World Cup Champion Brandi Chastain and soccer stars Lorrie Fair, MLS Rookie of the Year Jay Heaps, Former US Women's National Team Star Amanda Cromwell, and Former US Men's National Team and MLS Player Janusz Michallik demonstrate the skills it takes to bring out the champion in you.

Sharpfinger Films Dvd - Dead In 5 Heartbeats Video

Price: $19.52 by: Autoplicity
Sharpfinger Films Dvd - Dead In 5 Heartbeats Video SHARPFINGER FILMS VIDEOVIDEO-DEAD IN 5 HEARTBEATS

1-2-3 Goal Dvds Soccer Training Videos 1-2-3 GOAL DISC 3 - 55 MINUTES

Price: $16.99 by: Epic Sports
1-2-3 Goal DVDs Soccer Training Videos features training for exciting and productive soccer. Legendary Dutch soccer coach Wiel Coerver has created this ever-popular video coaching series. 1-2-3 Goal teaches the ball control skills and attacking techniques that will create goal scoring chances. Players of all ages, under the personal direction of Wiel Coerver, show you how its done. Recommended by F.I.F.A. and U.E.F.A.

Installer Institute - Training Video: DVD 10 Learn about Motorization (71 min), Car Audio

Price: $54.99 by: Sonic Electronix
Product Features Installer Institute Training Video DVD #10 Shows you what you need to know in order build those crazy motorizations you see at car shows and on TV Goes over the different types of motors tracks and mounting brackets Instructs you on the steps required to build a motorized amp rack for an SUV 71 Minutes in lengthAdditional Volumes: Video 1 - General Car Audio Installation Practices (63 min) Video 2 - Advanced Car Audio Installation and GPS Navigation (58 min) Video 3 - Car Alarms, Vehicle Security, and Remote Start Systems (53 min) Video 4 - Subwoofer Enclosure Design and Box Construction (61 min) Video 5 - Using Routers and Different Router Techniques (66 min) Video 6 - Basic Fiberglass Techniques (62 min) Video 7 - Advanced Fiberglass Techniques for Center Console (64 min) Video 8 - Working with Plexi-Glass (62 min) Video 9 - Mig Welding (73 min) Video 10 - Motorization (71 min) Video 11 - Car Door Panel Modifications (67 min) Video 12 - Car Dash Modifications (46