Authentic Models AP413T Transparent Spad Model Airplane

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Authentic ModelsMy guess is that this plane will not fly in any plane collector's home. Both you and I know that model plane collectors are hard to find and even harder to please. transparent model will sell to people who want an interesting intricate piece of home décor. That is in this case a plane. There are simply not many things you can hang as décor. Sure… a chandelier… a mobile…. But a striking object beautifully made showing a web-like construction in detail… they're far and few between and hard to find. This plane will fly out the doorDimensions: 23-3 5 x 30 x 9''

Authentic Models MF034 Game Table 2

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Authentic ModelsOur pièce de résistance. Bring out the laughter drama and drink. Go for check or broke. If loaded dice and backgammon are more to your taste change the board. Or unearth the boxed renaissance dominos (page 99 Collection 14) and pull out the green board domino poker Monopoly. When not in the mood for games flip the board and go for cherry wood top or classic leather. A world of entertainment at your fingertips. Park rule books and cartons on the lower level.Dimensions: 47-1 5 x 24-3 5 x 17-5 7

Authentic Models Solitaire Game Gr005f

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Tabletop accent type is solitaire game. 15-different semiprecious minerals like malachite azurite quartz serpentine hematite bloodstone lazulite amethyst crystal garnet used. Craftsman mission style.

Authentic Models AP150 Small WWI Wood Propeller

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Authentic ModelsWWI Wood Propeller small version. Solid wood replica of propellers used in the early days of flight. Hardware from the original propellers has been carefully reproduced in brass and antiqued. Makes for fun decor and a wonderful conversation piece.Mounting bracket includedDepth: 2-1 4 Finish: Brown Red and Brass Long: 47-1 4 Material: Solid Wood Brass Width: 4

Authentic Models Ap150 Wwi Wood Propeller, Small

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Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old ones were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel. Mechanics, pilots, flight-crew. They wore propeller tiepins and badges and transformed propellers into memorabilia. A continuation of a flight-tradition…

Authentic Models AP154 Laminated Wood Propeller with Clock

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Authentic ModelsThe typical WWI flying ace was accustomed to wrecking a plane now and then. For good luck the propeller was turned into a clock and taken home.Made as the originals were in the 20's from laminated hardwood Wall mount included Requires one (1) AA battery (not included)Deep: 2-1 3 Finish: Brown and White Height: 4-1 8 Long: 47-1 4 Material: Brass Glass and Paper Type: Wall Clocks

Authentic Models AP155 WWI Wood Propeller

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Authentic ModelsWWI wood propeller. The tapering ends elegantly swoop out at proper aerodynamic angles. Fun and fascinating home décor.Dimensions: 73-1 5 x 6 x 3-1 2