What are Ingeo compostable products?

PLA is polylactic acid and is made from corn starch. It is a bioplastic that is both compostable & biodegradable.

What's the difference between TPLA, clear Ingeo and Plant Fiber products?

Ingeo products are made from corn starch. TPLA products are made from 70% cornstarch & 30% talc. Plant Fiber products are sourced from multiple fibers, which can include sugar cane, wheatstraw or bamboo. Ingeo products work better with cold materials, TPLA products work with materials under 200 F, while plant fiber products work with both hot and cold materials.

What are your compostable products made from?

World Centric compostable products are made from a variety fo compostable materials which currently include: compostable PLA plastic made from cornstarch, plant starch and sustainable paper alternatives. These products come from annually renewable resources and are sustainably manufactured, non-toxic while in use and decompose back into the soil.

What is Post Consumer Recycled Waste?

Post Consumer Recycled Waste is when material or finished product has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal. It is then considered "post-consumer." zit can then be recycled.

What does biodegradeable mean?

Biodegradation is the chemical breakdown of materials by bacteria or other biological means. For example shipping peanuts that are starch-based will breakdown with water to the starch powder and return easily to soil. Therefore the breakdown of materials with water or micro-organisms return the product to materials found in nature.

Examples of biodegradeable products would include:

BioTuf Bags

What does compostable mean?

Compostable materials are made from plant or organic material that have originated from living organisms. Compostable items are able to break down through composting in a compost pile. This allows them to breakdown into natural elements.

Examples of compostable products would include:

World Centric Products

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