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Earth Cups


If Mother Nature used a cup—she would use an Earth Cup™.
That’s because the Earth Cup™ is very Earth-friendly.
A sturdy product for its purpose, then it composts back to dirt.
And Mother Earth loves nutritious dirt.
Yum. Yum. And good for her too.




Most hot cups are coated with a low density polyethylene (LDPE), A petrochemical plastic. LDPE doesn’t compost and is a non-renewable material, which means the only methods of disposal are litter, landfills or incineration. And that’s not a good thing--for anyone.

Instead Earth Cup™ is coated with Earth-friendly bio-based material that has less greenhouse gas emission and uses less energy to create.

Earth Cup™ meets the ASTM 6400 composting standard and is acceptable at over 45 composting facilities in North America, which includes the Twin Cities.

Earth Cup™ is available for hot and cold beverages. The Earth Cup* hot cups are coated on one side and stand up to 375 degrees, which means they are suitable for coffee, tea, other hot beverages.

The Earth Cup™ 9 oz. water cups are coated on both sides and are suitable for water, soda, and other chilled beverages.

Litin stocks several hot cup sizes such as a 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24 oz. size.

All hot cups fit one size Tater Ware™ sippy lid.

Custom print with flexo or offset print, for up to five colors using soy-based inks. Available for orders over 50,000.

Earth Cup™ Packaging info

Cup Size Qty/Case Count

8 oz coated one side 1000 cups per case
10 oz coated one side 1000 cups per case
12 oz coated one side 1000 cups per case
16 oz coated one side 1000 cups per case
20 oz coated one side 500 cups per case

Call LITIN ECO at 612-607-5700 for more information on Bio Tuf™ bags,
Earth Cups,™ and all of our bio-based food service products.

BIOTUF™ is a trademarked name of Heritage Bags, Inc. BIO CANE™, TATERWARE™
& EARTH CUPS™ are tradmarked names of Biodegradable Food Service, Inc.

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