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Litin Eco wants to thank Vanna White, Pat Sajak, the folks at Wheel of Fortune, and CBS or their week long salute to the awareness of going green. The Wheel of Fortune plea helps remind us to be thoughtful about our every day choices. Choosing organic products makes a huge impact for our world.

Now that there are so many great biodegradeable products to use for your business, we have to ask you this important question:

"If you had the choice of buying great organic products that are better for the Earth,
why wouldn't you?

We'll show you how easy it is to start. Buy BioTuf bags, for example. When you find the bags are comparable and just as easy to buy as plastic bags, you'll be interested in finding out more about corn, sugar cane, and potato-based products. Before you know it, you'll be making more right choices.


Interested in learning more about going green? Litin Eco is standing by to demonstrate and test organic product replacements with you. We will work with you on a feasibility study that will show a cost benefit analysis of what organic products can do for your bottom line, and clarify your benefits for using organic products within your company. You'll go green for good reasons, and that just makes good sense.

As a Litin Eco customer you will become a partner with Litin Paper and other Minnesota Executives that are making dramatic improvements within their businesses.

Litin Eco proudly partners with Dave Hepfl of Randy's Sanitation for great savings that offset your bio-degradeable waste removal costs, through Randy's Sanitation's organics program. Randy's is currently the only sanitation business that offers an organics waste program to their commercial customers. Others may talk about it. Randy's Sanitation does it.


For more information about going green, call Litin Eco at (612) 607-5700.

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