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Litin is a proud distributor for numerous products with innovative vendors. We have strong open communication with our vendors, train the Litin staff in the new product knowledge, and stay up-to-date on all cutting edge technologies and products that will help our Litin customers.

This vendor section will be in a constant state of adding more and more products for our customers to access. If you are a Litin vendor, please contact our webmaster listed at the bottom of the page about getting your section done.

World Centric Products

Bollore, Inc.

Litin proudly distributes Bollore, Inc fine shrink film products from Bollore's U.S.A. facilities. Click the links below to learn more:

  1. Bolphane® B30 - Ultra Thin
  2. Bolphane® BE - Standard Multi-purpose
  3. Bolphane® BX - Standard - High Speed
  4. Bolphane® BY - High Performance
  5. Bolphane® BZ - Tough & Versatile
  6. Bolphane® BRX - Soft Shrink
  7. Bolphane® BTTX110 - Superior Strength
  8. Bolphane® BTT+125 - High Shrink
  9. Bolphane® BFF - Anti-Fog
  10. Bolphane® BYO - Oxo-Biodegradeable
  11. Bollore, a leading European manufacturer of specialty plastic films for worldwide markets, is proud to serve the US with our advanced line of high performance, cost-effective, Bolphane® multi-layer polyolefin Shrink Films. Through the manufacturing and sales facilities of Bollore Inc. in Connecticut, we have embarked upon an ambitious plan to deliver a wide range of shrink packaging films to fit all applications.

    Bollore is determined to provide an alternative that is a Perfect Fit to the requirements of shrink packaging distributors:

    Bollore manufactures a wide range of shrink films, including: multipurpose shrink film, specialty shrink film, cross-linked shrink film, and Oxo-biodegradable shrink film.

    Bollore Inc.'s main website is

    Litin distributes World Centric products. These products include:

    Pregis Corporation is a leading global provider of innovative protective packaging materials and systems providing solutions for a wide variety of consumer and industrial market segments including food, beverage, healthcare, medical devices, agricultural, e-commerce, retail, automotive, furniture, electronics, construction and military/aerospace. Pregis currently operates 21 facilities in 10 countries in North America and Europe. Pregis's main website is